Signature CNS Supervision Program

What Could You Do With The Right Support?

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Stop Analysis Paralysis!

You want your CNS certification, but it is super confusing and frustrating to find support. Despite your best efforts, your work toward CNS certification seems to be inching along . . . while friends and colleagues sail through and launch their careers.

What's the deal?

You watch other people's practices, businesses, and careers take off, and you wonder if that could ever happen for you.

Not only that, you've got tons of awesome ideas that you know would help people, if you were able to get your message out.

We get it. We've been there. And now our CNS certifications are complete and our businesses grow by leaps and bounds each month.

You can do it too! Imagine if . . .

You quickly accumulate CNS internship hours in a way that works for your hectic lifestyle and schedule.

You have the resources you need to move from a nutrition student to a nutrition professional.

You understand how to effectively study, and have twice monthly check in phone calls to support your efforts.

You work with a mentor to create a plan that shows you how to get exactly where you want to go in your career and business.

You stop struggling with getting hours supervised from different sources, and have everything simplified and organized for you while having the opportunity to learn from multiple supervisors.

You get a roadmap to launch your practice, treat common conditions, interact with clients, all laid out for you so that you can simply alter what doesn't work for you rather than starting from scratch.

You can get your CNS certification and grow your career and your skills in a way that balances work and fun!

Every Month, You Get . . .

1 Individual Supervision Appointment

Bring your toughest client and clinical questions - trust us, we've seen it before! Each month, schedule a 1:1 appointment with the supervisor of your choice. Pick your supervisor based on your clinical interest, needs of the client, or schedule!

2 15-Minute Phone Calls With Dedicated Advisor

We know you have to pass the test and launch your practice or career, so we offer 2, 15-minute phone calls each month with your dedicated adviser who stays with you throughout the program.

3 Group Supervision Appointments

People love our group supervision sessions. Not only do you get to share challenges you're having, you get to hear and offer suggestions to others who are going through similar challenges. One of these group sessions is a case study featuring the education module for the month.

Curious About Monthly Education Modules? Look No Further . . .

This online course is chock full of (short) videos, worksheets, handouts, and resources.

Months 1-4
  • Mental Health Nutrition

  • Eating Behavior/Disordered Eating

  • Eating Disorders

  • Stress Hormones

    Months 9-12
    • Sex Hormones

    • Sleep
    • Inflammation

    • Pain/Autoimmune

        Months 5-8
        • Metabolic

        • Thyroid

        • Gut 1

        • Gut 2

          After Month 12
          • Need more hours? You can continue with 1:1 supervision or join our alumni group supervision program

          • Done with your hours but want additional accountability and support around your business? Join Greenhouse.

          Check out a video from our GI module

          We've noticed that schools do a great job of teaching theory, but when it comes to actually figuring out how to take that theory and put it into practice, sometimes graduates feel a little lost.

          With each education module, we provide real life examples, strategies, and support to help you translate theory into clinical practice.

          What Could You Do With the Right Support?

          We haven't always had it together. Just a few years ago we were struggling to understand the certification process, study for our exams, and get someone to proctor our hours while at the same time juggling business building efforts.

          We each tried different internships, but walked away with the wish that things were simple, and that we could have more than one person's perspective on challenges.

          That's why we launched Clinician's Incubator. We want to help other early career nutrition professionals avoid the pitfalls we stepped into. We want to help you pass the test easily, optimize your internship hours to be TRULY USEFUL to you, all the while making sure you reach your dreams.

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          Did we mention the bonus material?????

          Included with our Signature Supervision program is Practice Incubator, a 12-week online course outlining how to easily launch your private practice, from choosing a business name through legal entity formation (and legal and client forms!), choosing office space, learning how to efficiently chart, develop a marketing plan, and more, a $499 value!

          We also include Clinical Intensive, a short online course designed to help you work with clients. We'll teach you our tricks to do an intake, a follow up, and communicate with clients in between sessions.

          Don't forget the 4, 1-hour CNS test prep online workshops with others in your cohort that will start approximately 6 weeks before the exam.

          That's included, too!

          What program participants are saying

          "In the last three months, I have learned more than I ever imagined. I wasn't sure what to expect from Clinician's Incubator, but it has exceeded my expectations in every way . . . I don't feel lost and alone anymore."

          "The modules are AMAZING!! I did not expect them to be so detailed and encompassing. I love how we talk about a new topic each month. I feel this is providing me with a well-rounded and realistic experience."

          "You will come out of this program feeling prepared to not only start your practice but also to confidently guide your patients toward health . . . You will not be disappointed with this decision."

          Invest in your future

          • Get real life skills to help you translate school learning to clients
          • Launch a business or a career in nutrition with regular calls for accountability
          • Develop your tribe, learning from your peers as well as your supervisors, with 3 meetings/month
          • Get all the resources you need, from understanding charting to learning how to make flash cards for the exam.



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          Get to know your supervisors

          Alyson is a clinical nutritionist who specializes in healing relationship to food and eating disorders, mental health, related gastrointestinal conditions, as well as fertility support. Alyson is also adjunct faculty at Maryland University of Integrative Health, and is a frequent lecturer at regional and national events.

          Alyson Roux MS CNS MFA

          Alyson Roux Nutrition

          Liz is an integrative and functional nutritionist who helps women resolve unwanted symptoms such as digestive troubles, migraines/headaches, allergies and hormone imbalances. A prior stress addict herself, Liz uses a snowball approach to help overscheduled, overworked clients return to feeling great.

          Liz Abel MS CNS LDN MA

          Free and Abel Nutrition

          Meg is a licensed dietitian nutritionist who specializes in helping clients with mental health diagnoses (anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, eating disorders) as well as GI and autoimmune conditions. Meg also has extensive experience with food allergies, celiac, and eosinophilic esophagitis and is a frequent lecturer regionally.

          Meg Bowman MS CNS LDN MA

          Nourish Integrative Solutions

          Frequently Asked Questions

          How long does the internship last?

          The first four months are the most critical, we ask all interns complete at least 4 months with us. Beyond that, you can add months as needed. Our Signature Supervision program comes in 4-month chunks, and many stay with us for 8 or 12 months. If you come to the end of your 4-month chunk and only have a few hours left, don't worry, we'll work with you to provide 1:1 supervision to complete your hours.

          What skills do I need before starting the internship?

          Definitely having some ideas about how to actually see clients (how to structure a session, how to document, etc), will help. Basically, you need to be in a position to act as a nutrition intern, starting to see clients of your own.

          What makes this program different?

          A bunch of things, actually!

          First, we really look at your comprehensive needs. We provide support in launching your career or starting a business, taking the test, and learning how to translate what you learned in school to clinical practice with real life clients.

          We also provide multiple supervisors - within any month, you'll likely encounter all 3 of us. This allows you to learn 3 different ways of treating SIBO or 3 different approaches to client communication.

          We teach client-centered interventions. Humans (clients) have personal preferences, beautifully complex psychology, various budgets, diverse cooking skills; you can't just slap a protocol on someone who it isn't the right fit. With this internship, you'll learn to be evidence-based and client-centered.

          We practice in a weight-neutral way. What this means is that we are disordered eating and eating disorder informed, and we acknowledge that someone can be in a smaller weight body, but very unhealthy, or a larger body and healthy.

          Ready to Get Started?

          Schedule a 30-minute no-obligation information call (Zoom). We'll be happy to answer any questions you have, and strategize about the best supervision placement for you.